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Prof. Xiaoyan LIANG
  • 2018-11-15
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Having worked on obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive endocrinology for 30 years, Prof. Liang is a renowned expert on reproductive medicine nationwide, and has achieved exceptional accomplishments in applications of assisted reproductive technologies as well as researches on reproductive endocrinology. She has gained unique experience in diagnosis of infertility, tailoring of individualized treatment protocols, management of controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), etc. She is also experienced in managements of impaired ovarian reserve, ovulation disorders, PCOS, etc.

Prof. Liang has long been investigating mechanisms of abnormal follicular development in PCOS, and she was the first expert in China to study pathogenesis of polycystic ovary as well as insulin resistance and IGF-1 actions at the molecular level. She was the first to propose anti-insulin and anti-IGF-1 as treatments for PCOS, and has come up with groundbreaking modifications to treatment protocols for adolescent PCOS, ovulation induction and hyperovulation. She was the first to report clinical features of PCOS among the Chinese population, and has pioneered in researches towards inhibition of androgen production, early intervention and anti-inflammatory therapies for adolescent PCOS.

Prof. Liang was the leader of the team which undertook the first IVM (in vitro maturation) cycle in Guangdong Province, and has maintained stable pregnancy rates ever since. She has published 60 research articles on reproductive medicine in influential Chinese and international journals. Prof. Liang was also one of the authors of the 1st and 2nd editions of Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has been attending international academic conferences since 1997, where she has presented research progress and published relevant posters. She was also invited to India and Denmark to give lectures and demonstrate on surgeries. She’s in charge of 18 research funds from Guangdong Health Administration as well as the Natural Science Research Foundations in China and Guangdong Province. Prof. Liang has participated in researches sponsored by foundations of National Health Administration, and has contributed to the Chinese Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of PCOS and Hyperprolactinemia. Prof. Liang has visited numerous centers for reproductive medicine in nationwide and has assisted their work, which has greatly contributed to the promotion of reproductive techniques as well as applications of progress in reproductive endocrinology in China.

Time in Clinic: Monday to Friday (for booked appointments only);

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